Relationship Stories

Ordinary people doing ordinary things of extraordinary importance!

Over the past 30 years, hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences have come together to strengthen the Atlanta & DeKalb communities through one-to-one Citizen Advocacy relationships. Some of these relationships were intentionally short term, but many ordinary citizens and their protégés have benefited from the gift of a long-lasting relationship.

Here are several stories of those who have shared the gifts of Citizen Advocacy relationships:

Two sophisticated and glamorous women (old friends) smiling and laughing in mid-conversation.

Kim & Marie – “My life is much fuller and the community is enjoying the gifts of love, peace and acceptance that Kim gives to each of us.” more >

Michelle & Zak – “Michelle has reminded me time and time again how important two things are in life: 1) being grateful for what you have, and 2) each of us has some challenge that we must overcome. Some of our challenges are apparent, and for some of us they are not so obvious. Being Michelle’s citizen advocate reminds me how we can make a difference in another person’s life and in the process make our world a better place.” more >

Lois & Grover – “Knowing Lois has stretched me, expanded my horizons. She has lived by her wits for most of her life. She is savvy, multi-dimensional and that is important. Our relationship is enriched because I have been pushed into other experiences.” more >

Kristopher & Samantha – “Samantha says, “I’m so impressed with Kristopher,” and Kristopher says, “Samantha is my best friend.” At the very deepest level, this relationship is about what these two are to one another.” more >

“Real relationships are resilient. They are sometimes messy and require some risk on the part of those involved. Yet real relationships survive – not just over time, but through troubled times”. more >