Citizen Advocacy Staff

Aaron Lichkay- Executive Director & Coordinator
Aaron Lichkay, Executive Director and Coordinator.

Aaron grew up Fayetteville, GA and currently resides in the East Atlanta neighborhood. He received both his Undergraduate and Maters in Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from Georgia State University. Before starting with Citizen Advocacy he worked for an Ethnic Based Organization assisting Immigrants and Refugees in Clarkston, Georgia. In his spare time Aaron volunteers with several other local non-profits, and is an avid fan of Atlanta United.

“I was introduced to Citizen Advocacy several years ago, and I have always been inspired by the work of the organization. I am honored to have the opportunity to be part of Citizen Advocacy, and I am excited to bring my skills, networks, and passion to building an inclusive community in Atlanta and Dekalb.”

Aaron Lichkay, Citizen Advocacy of Atlanta & Dekalb
Derona King
Derona King.

Derona grew up in southern New Jersey and attended Rutger’s University where she majored in Political Science. After moving to Georgia in 1985 and starting her family, she pursued her graduate studies at the Atlanta School of Biblical Studies majoring in Biblical Counseling. Derona began her career with Citizen Advocacy in 1993 as an Associate Coordinator with Atlanta Citizen Advocacy and has been the Coordinator of Citizen Advocacy of Atlanta & DeKalb since March 2007.

“The simplicity of Citizen Advocacy is brilliant, yet complex. One human accepting an invitation to align themselves personally with another human is one way ordinary people get to show up and do something meaningful and potentially lasting in their community, and I get to play a small part in that”

Derona King, Citizen Advocacy of Atlanta & Dekalb