Board of Directors

The board is made up of ordinary citizens, who volunteer their time and expertise to support the work of Citizen Advocacy of Atlanta & DeKalb.

Paula Rafferty
Paula Rafferty, President and Chairperson

Paula has been practicing law for 35 years and has been representing people with developmental disabilities and actively participating in the disability movement since 1990. She began supporting the work and mission of Citizen Advocacy in 1995 and currently serves as its Board President.

Garrick Scott, Vice President
Garrick Scott

Garrick is the former president of the National Federation of the Blind of Georgia, and former board chair for the Georgia Library for Accessible Services advisory group. He is the father of 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren. He is active in baseball for the blind as well as the co-founder of an organization designed to help blind students and adults in other countries. Along with serving on the board of directors for Citizen Advocacy he also is a citizen advocate for a young man in DeKalb county.

photograph of Les Klemperer
Les Klemperer
Les Klemperer, Secretary and Acting Treasurer

Les is a former VP and Deputy General Counsel & Corporate Secretary for Delta Air Lines. He currently teaches contract law at Emory University.

photo of Bo Gaiason
Bo Gaiason
Bo Gaiason

Classical guitarist Bo Gaiason is an Atlanta native. Bo currently works on the staff of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta. “Serving on the Board of Citizen Advocacy of Atlanta & DeKalb is a way to embody the ideal that a community that neglects even one of its members is no community at all.”

photo of board member Woody Hall
Woodrow (Woody) Hall
Woodrow (Woody) A. Hall

Woody has been involved with Citizen Advocacy for more than 25 years. Having formerly served as Board Chair, Woody is now contributing his skills and expertise as Chair of the Fundraising and Finance Committees.

Donald Jumper
Donald Jumper

Donald is an Atlanta native who works for the Atlanta City Council. He sees “servant-hood” as his highest calling. “I enjoy being a servant to the Public. My role as a Citizen Advocacy board member allows me to echo the voice of those often not heard.” When he is not serving the Public, Donald can be found admiring Japanese Cherry Blossom trees. He is even growing his own.

Russell Spornberger
Russell Spornberger

Russell is a local business owner and has been in a citizen advocacy relationship with Bill Jackson since 2012. “Citizen Advocacy is practical and direct. Citizen Advocacy builds community by connecting people at the most basic and fundamental level, one on one. That’s what makes it work, face to face, one on one.”

Zac Bradley
Zac Bradley

“Through my personal experience and my professional experience, I’ve learned the value of having a support network During my time at the GAO, I learned about Citizen’s Advocacy and learned that there are many individuals living with disabilities that are not as fortunate as I have been. With that being shared, I’m excited to have an opportunity to be a part of an organization that connects people with people so that everyone can achieve their full potential; so that they too can thrive in their community.”

Craig Blythe
Leslie Lipson